the death penalty

10 07 2007

Why not start this with something interesting and relevant?  This week in Alberta there is a trial going on where a 23 year old man brutally killed an 8 year old child.  I have never before in my life written to the Prime Minister – about anything.  Today I asked him to bring in the death penalty.

This man was dating a 12 year old girl and came to her house, taking an active part in killing her parents and slitting the throat of her 8 year old brother.  What a horrible, devatstating thing to do.  Was he possessed?  Was he on drugs?  What would inspire you to do such an awful thing?  I guess I don’t really care.

Adults do some horrible things – they can be cruel and hurtful, even to their own kids.  I can see where some kids would want revenge.  But why kill a boy?  It’s nauseating to even think about it.

And knowing the legal system, as long as they don’t bungle the investigation causing the whole case to be thrown out, this man will live off of our tax dollars (if they actually send him to jail) until such time as he is released.

I believe in redemption.  I believe that people can change their ways.  But I also believe that the punishment should fit this crime. 

I don’t want lethal injection.  It’s too easy a way out, and some how the serenity of the action seems disturbing to me.  I don’t know if the electric chair is the answer either as it seems kind of particularly sick to come up with such a thing.

Lying on a gullotine facing up seems like a good idea to me, although I wouldn’t want to psychollogically scar anyone with the task of having to clean up afterwards.  Maybe they should sent off a seaside cliff and let the sea wash their dead carcass away.  I don’t know specifically how they should go about killing these monsters. 

But before they get rid of them, they should lead the person out to where they will face their judgement, tell them why they will be killed, and then do it. 

This is not the first time that I have felt this way but it is the first time that I have done something about it. 




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