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23 07 2007

So, here’s an email that I have received from a friend – you may have seen the video.

Greetings All,

This video has some of the most compelling reasoning for acting on global warming I have seen. Do you see any flaws in the logic?


It was passed on to her and she wondered what I thought of it – here’s my thought for the day…

Hmmm…sorry I started to fall asleep in that one.  There didn’t seem to be any mention of God’s influence nor control over things.  I am very much a part of looking for solutions for a healthier world to live in.  But the doomsayers still don’t have reasonable answers to the problems that they say exist.  No matter how you look at it, to suddenly make a drastic change would be to cause some economic chaos, somewhere in the world.
Living near Nanticoke, the big environmental issue is the coal-fired plant.  Some say “shut it down!” as it is one of the worst polluters in North America.  But when we had the immense power outage in the summer of 2003 we, and 1000s of other homes, were still supplied with power in our area that kept our food from spoiling and kept my sump pump running keeping water out of our basement.  Not a climate issue but certainly an economic one.
So they know that they need to provide some other source of power there, so they say “Let’s build a nuclear plant!  It’s clean and efficient!”  But what do you do with the nuclear waste?  Is the waste also not a problem? 
We tried to get a wind farm set up, but the environmentalists are worried about the bird flight patterns being destroyed.  Hmmmm….
I agree that we need to do something about the way in which we are polluting our earth and ourselves.  We abuse both and expect them just to bounce back, because usually they’re pretty good at it.  But how about artificial climate adjustment – has this been measured to see if it is affecting our weather?  We now have homes, offices and vehicles that alter the interior climate for our own comfort.  When this is released into the natural weather around us does this have an effect on it?  Certainly the machines running producing heat externally to reduce heat internally should have some sort of effect as well especially in concentrated areas like cities.
If we reduced the amount of waste we produced it should have a positive effect.  If we reduce the amount we overproduce it should have a positive effect.  If companies, like Honda does, would commit to producing “greener” vehicles, then we would be in better shape for sure.  But unfortunately changes take time and money and sometimes it’s tough to get either.  We should each do our part in conserving, recycling and thinking before we purchase/support places and all these things will help.
Part of the problem is also the fact that there are also major polluting countries in this world that have not hopped on the bandwagon.  And what about places in our own country like Halifax where untreated water is still being dumped into the bay?
I am also curious about the effects of power-lines on our weather systems – is there an effect on that as well?  What about over-fishing?  Do the patterns that the fish swim in effect currents in the ocean?  I think that greed is probably the single most destructive force in our world today.  If you look at the heart of many of these things you will find greed at the base of them.  If we would only take what we need and seek to do so with careful forethought, maybe the planet would be a nicer place to be.

I also am not convinced that we have all the data on this global warming issue.  The earth according to scientists has gone through many warmer and cooler phases.  We simply don’t have all the data since the earth has been around to properly analyze the problem.  To me the bigger issue is simply global abuse.  I think that we need to be more careful how we use the earth’s resources and that we should constantly strive to make the world a healthier place – regardless of whether global warming is a reality or not.  We should encourage and enforce environmental responsibility in all aspects of our world. 
It would be a positive way of looking at things.  If global warming is a reality, actions of this nature would help combat it.  If it isn’t a reality it should still improve the overall health of the planet and ourselves.

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