my apology and first real response from a live human

12 09 2007

So, as promised I apologized to Eric Hoskins-

Please accept my apologies for not realizing that you are not running as MPP. I have sent on an admission of my error where this has been posted. I would wish that you would run for another party, as I would vote for you (when the time comes), but in good conscience cannot support the Liberal party due to their betrayal at the provincial level.

Once again, my apologies.

Carl Walters

And here was his response:

Many thanks for your note, Carl. No apology required!

And I would be happy to explain to you how the Ontario Liberal Party is completely different from and separate from the Federal Liberal Party.

And, if that doesn’t work, I still hope I can convince you to vote for me – the individual – if not the party, in the upcoming federal election.

With best regards, Eric

Dr. Eric Hoskins
Liberal Candidate

Well, tonight I found out John Tory (what a great name for a PC, eh?) will be in town so I am hoping to go and get to meet him.  What the heck, I might get a free button and there’s a BBQ…




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