ontario political update

2 10 2007

Well, it’s only a few days to the election and what have I heard back from our trusted representatives?  Squat.  Nothing.  Nada.

This only serves to re-inforce my thoughts that they really shouldn’t offer the ability to email them.  If they are going to do that they should at least have teams in place to respond to questions and comments.  No such foresight appears to be in place.

If you haven’t heard yet, vote NO for the referendum.  Although it’s disguised as the ability to vote for a local person and a different leader, that’s not truly it at all.  In reality, there will be 90 regions in which you would vote for someone.  Your 2nd vote on the ballot for party, allows them to put in place a whack of people that no-one has specifically voted for.  Not my idea of democracy.

I am not keen on the present system, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that the MMP system removes accountability from these 39 or so that don’t get specifically voted in.  Don’t get snowed, just vote NO.

So my faith in politics is about the same as always – low and untrusting.  I still advocate major change for the entire system.  The politicians are getting rich while the average person struggles to make ends meet. 

On a national/federal level I applaud Harper for dropping the GST a percent.  While it’s not the elimination that Chretien promised, it actually happened unlike Chretien’s promise.  I look forward to seeing it drop another percent, but I will not hold my breath for that any more than I did for the first drop – I’ll believe it when I see it.

So for me, the answers on October 10 are simple:  No to the referendum; PC to remove the Liberals.  Get out there and vote!




2 responses

10 10 2007

“The politicians are getting rich while the average person struggles to make ends meet.”

That is how I see it too…and it makes me ROARING MAD!

Thanks for having the courage to speak out Carl.

21 12 2007

very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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