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4 10 2007

Well, well.  The day after I commented that I didn’t receive any responses yet, I have to smile and tip my hat to the Liberal party.  I finally received a response to my email that started the political side of this blog.  Here’s the response:

 Dear Mr. Walters:

Thank you for writing to me about the Ontario Health Premium. I welcome this opportunity to clarify our government’s actions in this regard. 

When the Ontario Liberals took office in 2003, we found that the previous Conservative government had concealed an enormous deficit. Despite their claims that they had balanced the budget, an independent audit revealed a $5.6-billion shortfall. Faced with this unanticipated fiscal reality, we had a tough decision to make: either delay the positive changes Ontarians had voted for — or ask Ontarians for their help in addressing the inherited shortfall so we could move forward and make those much-needed changes.

Ontario Liberals chose to honour the commitments we had made to Ontarians — to invest in a health care system that had suffered years of cuts and neglect by the Conservatives. While it was a very difficult choice, we believe it was the right choice. 

Working with Ontarians, we have seen the following improvements. Now there are:

More family doctors (500,000 more Ontarians now have one)

  • More medical school spaces a 23 per cent increase
  • 17,835 more cancer surgeries, reducing the wait time by 25 per cent
  • 76,492 more cardiac procedures, reducing wait times for angiography by 59 per cent, and angioplasty by 54 per cent
  • 99,950 more cataract surgeries, reducing wait times by 58 per cent
  • 33,706 more hip and knee replacements, reducing wait times for hips by 38 per cent and knees by 33 per cent
  • 654,479 more MRI scans and 387,617 more CT scans, reducing wait times for MRIs by 8 per cent and CT scans by 28 per cent
  • More new nursing positions a total of 8,000 are being created
  • 7,712 new long-term care beds
  • 100 new hospital projects either completed or underway
  • 28 disorders for which newborns are being screened up from only 2 under the Conservatives
  • Free vaccines for children a $600-savings per child for families.

Ontario Liberals understand that, when a loved one is sick and needs medical care, nothing else matters. We are heartened by the significant progress we have made by working with Ontarians — progress that is now at risk: John Tory and the Conservatives want to divert $3 billion from public Medicare to private, for-profit clinics. This would only take us back to closed hospitals, fired nurses and longer wait times and to corporations offering private health services to those who pay their way to the front of the line. I believe that Ontarians’ health is far too important to let that happen.  

While we have come a long way together in improving health care for Ontario families, we know there is more to do. Ontario Liberals do not want to see our great province go backwards under the Conservatives. Instead, we want to continue our work with Ontarians to ensure a healthier Ontario and to keep our province moving forward. We hope to have that opportunity.

Thanks again for writing. Please accept my best wishes.

Yours truly,

Dalton McGuinty

Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party


I smile and give credit to them for at least responding.  Sadly this is the only relevant response I have received (my mistake with Dr. Hoskins notwithstanding).  I smile because I don’t really believe that this came from Dalton himself, but rather someone in the political team.  The smile is certainly wistful as the response doesn’t really address my email – it actually sounds like the same thing that he keeps saying over and over again, like a skipping CD or a broken record.

Perhaps I should say a record that’s broken – that way it has more than one meaning.  It’s like he and/or his platform have decided that these are what they are going to talk about – no matter the relevancy to what was asked.

 At least I heard back from them.  When I contacted the PC party about the 2 emails I sent not getting through, it sounded like I had a nice little old lady who didn’t really know about fixing problems like that.  Hopefully I am wrong, or she sent notice to someone to fix it.  Either have it and have a team in place to respond, or don’t offer email contact.

6 days and counting.  If you haven’t already – DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!!!




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