thank you…thank you very much…

11 10 2007

Well, it’s all over but the crying. Thank you to everyone who voted against MMP (the new voting system) and for voting PC. Haldimand-Norfolk had an incredibly strong amount of support for them and if you had a hand in that, give yourself a pat on the back.

Too bad we didn’t convince the rest.

So what went wrong? Well, it’s pretty easy from my point of view. John Tory needed to do one thing to get elected. Keep Dalton in his gunsights. Constantly remind people of all the promises he broke. Forget introducing something new.

Whether it was his idea or someone on his team that came up with the idea of funding faith-based schools, it doesn’t really matter. To be honest I was hoping that he would get into power and forget the whole idea.

But when he back-pedalled on it – which I think he was honestly trying to listen to what people wanted – he now upset the very people he was trying to woo. Add that to the people who didn’t like the idea and suddenly you’re in trouble.

…there’s a story about an old man, a young man and a donkey…

Yes, that comment was relevant. If you don’t know the story you can ask, but it’s basically that you can’t please everyone.

John should’ve stuck to his first stance and if he got elected and a lot of flack about the issue, THEN bring it to an open vote.

John, I have to admit that I thought you had guts and character. More than we get out of most politicians. And I did pray for you.

But I still can’t believe that people voted for Dalton. After all the broken promises, why? Was it simply because John wavered, and now people felt unsure? Is it suddenly a matter of “the devil you know versus the devil you don’t?” Possibly.

I guess to be honest, I am disgusted with those who didn’t help take the Liberals out of power, mostly because I did not get the revenge I would’ve relished after being taken in by Dalton’s promises first time round.

Although I am still cynical and skeptical (no, really?), I now have to decide if it’s time to start to try to make government accountable. I know that ultimately that may be tough, but I will endeavour to speak out and speak up on things that are important to me.

If you hear of an issue that you think we should be addressing the government on, please let me know. Maybe we can make our voice heard.





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