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15 10 2007

Well, I hope that you don’t miss the political fray too much – it was fun while it lasted. I will continue to address the government from time to time. Perhaps here is my first agenda.

I read a very interesting article through MSN this morning.

Do yourself a favour and read it. And then post your feedback here. What do you think? I personally am going to read the full article by the professor and see what it says. I have always been interested in solar power – since I was a kid.

What I want to know is the environmental cost in setting up solar energy and wind farms. Everything has some sort of impact – production, eventual breakdown and disposal, etc.

I have always thought that these sources, along with tidal power, have been some of our greatest opportunities for “green power”.

On the political note, thank you to all those who gave up a vote for a lesser party in efforts to oust the Liberals. I know that from here on in, I may no longer vote for the “major players” as I am still in shock/disgust about the Liberals getting back in despite our best efforts.

I will try to be as educated about what I post as possible, but no one is perfect. If I am “out to lunch” on anything that I am posting, please let me know.




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