da turd election

18 10 2007

Well, why not? We had sooo much fun talking about the provincial election, why shouldn’t we wade into national politics?

Stephanie (oops!) Dion – Stephane? Hmmm – let’s just call him Mr. D. Or would that be Msr. D? So he wants to be leader of our country, eh? Oh puh-leeeese!

He may have french charisma, but I have one main problem with him. I DON’T UNDERSTAND HIM!!!

Dude – Mr. D. Would you please take elecution lessons? I do not want someone representing our country who can’t evenly clearly speak our main language! Most of the time I do understand him, but english is my native tongue and I did take some french classes in high school.

But imagine him at some meeting with a leader from another country who also did speak english as their main language. Like the US. Ok, just kidding. But imagine someone who speaks english and he meets our Mr. D.

“Allo, i m Stephane Dion. Tank you for coming to Canata. We are willy plised you are ear in our grit countr-eh.”

Translation? Please?

The crowning moment had to be last night when he was filmed in the legislature talking about how he would support the thone speech, because he was not going to be responsible for “a turd election in four years!”

I know that campaigns have a lot of mudslinging, but I don’t remember a turd election. Sounds pretty poopy to me!




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