stop monkeying around

26 10 2007

Have you ever looked seriously into “early man” and all the theory that surrounds those theories? Do you realize how much assumption has gone into it? It is truly astounding.

I have long believed that the caveman image presented to us is nonsense and that these arguments of Neandert(h)al man being stupid is a huge leap of faith.

I firmly believe that man has always been relatively the same – the same range of emotions, the same capacity for intelligence and the same ability to communicate with one another.

I wonder if the differences seen in these different groups of people (ie Cro-Magnon vs Neanderthal) is no more significant than the differences we can now see between different “races”. I put that term in quotes because I believe that we are all one race with different family features.

If we look at such stereotypes as Jewish people having big noses, or things of that nature – generalities based on common features – we can see that it is not always true. Some common traits do carry on through many family lines though, to the next generation, cousins and so on.

Some people look at such obvious physical differences and say that is proof that we could not have common ancestry. Perhaps the genes that denote skin pigment were at one time as dominant/recessive as eye colour. If that were so it would help to explain some of our “differences”. It’s an interesting thought.

I like what Answers in Genesis has to say about much of this.

If you are willing to put what you have been taught aside – just for a moment – and think through what they have to say, then you might gain a fresh perspective and realize that some things may not be as we were taught in school.

I have to admit that it offends me the idea that we and monkeys would have a common ancestor. I may act like one sometimes…

I think that we need to take the time to look into things that seem to sit contrary to the Bible and think it through with a scientific viewpoint. Examine facts and go with what we know and apply those to reasoning thinking. We might be plesantly surprised and find that it strengthens our faith.




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