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6 11 2007

Well…don’t I feel like an idiot. I should know better than to try multi-tasking when on Facebook. Firstly let me apologize to everybody “I kissed”.

I hope that everyone who was wondering what was going on with that will at least see my Status or this note and realize that I wasn’t trying to be inappropriate.

I guess that’s one of my beefs with many Facebook apps. They default to wanting to apply to as many people as possible. And if you think you’ve just sent it to one person, like, say, your spouse, and don’t scroll down to see that it’s going to everyone who has that app – until it’s too late and the page refreshes wiith:

“You’ve just kissed 62 of your friends!”

My eyes went wide in horror. I was at a loss for what to do! I desperately looked for an “undo” but there wasn’t any. I then looked for “apologize” under the things to send, but that wasn’t there either. So, I decided to send another thing to try to get the message that I wasn’t trying to be, ah…forward. So I sent a Bite.

Then, after that I went to the X me site and found the History section where you could delete the actions – ONE AT A TIME!

And of course it didn’t work every time. Grrrrr.

So once again let me apologize to everyone but Beth (my wife) – I did mean to kiss you.

I hope at worst, this will give you a laugh. After all, you know me. And therefore you should know that I am prone to making really embarassing mistakes.





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