the dilemna of a wannabe geek

13 11 2007

One of the aspects of my job is that I am the IT person where I work.  This all happened by default, as I am the person who knows more about computers than anyone else here.  Not by much however.

One of my sources for learning has been PC Mech.  I really appreciate all that they have done for my learning and I would encourage you to go over and take a look if you have any kind of curiosity about learning more about the world of computers. 

Make sure you have your pop-up blocker enabled – unfortunately they seem to have aligned themselves with advertising that uses that (although they do offer an ad-free alternative by supporting them).

The dilemna that I had was deciding whether to build my own computer, or just to buy one.  This article from PC Daily tips was the inspiration for my words of  “wisdom” today.

As I said in response to it…

My own biggest problem was having a budget (darn it!) and also knowing that in just a short while, there would be new components that would either be faster, bigger, better, cheaper or – all the above.

And, relunctantly and with mixed feelings, I decided to purchase one…

What it really came down to was knowing that, if I built it, I would never be happy watching the components I put together become cheaper, faster, outmoded, etc.   A computer becomes outdated so quickly, and my needs are fairly basic, that when I saw a good deal, I went and bought it.

As I went on to say PC Mech is a great site for learning.  My sincere thanks go out to them for much of what I have learned – either from them or from their suggestions of other sites/applications that I learned from.

The reality is that my computer was going to be outmoded sooner or later, and at present it does pretty much all that I need it to do.  I can upgrade the memory (and likely will), and I should also get with the times and buy a flatscreen, but it does all that I need it to do for now.  What more could you ask?




One response

18 01 2008

Hey Carl,
This is David Risley, with Just thanking you for the kind words.

Also, sorry about the popups. It is coming from one of our ad networks. I’ve been told they limit them to one per 24 hours, which I can live with. I hope they don’t get worse than that for you. Otherwise, its one of those necessary evils to pay the bills for such a large website. 🙂

Take it easy.

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