the end of the internet (tears…)

22 11 2007

Gotta hand it to the news, they’re so good at looking to find ways to create panic. 

The report last night on CTV news was talking about a bottle-necking of the internet in the next 3 to 5 years, but made it sound like the internet was in danger of coming to pieces.  Really?  Give me a break.

I am not naive enough to believe that there won’t be some bumps in the road – there have been many already.  Look at Y2K.  So many people think it was a lot of noise for nothing, and that’s certainly how it felt in general.  But behind the scenes, and during the weeks and months previous to it, there were geeks working hard to make it a non-event.  From me – thanks.

But along with these problems that come up, we have companies with a vested interest in making sure that they are dealt with.   Nothing like having some highly motivated people looking after these things.  Sure there are some issues that will loom large and they will need to be addressed.  One commentator on CTV’s article said that they saw this coming since the 80’s.  You know that there are people working on a solution.

It may not take the shape we expect.  Anyone who puts up a website is responsible for the content.  Maybe content will be more heavily monitored.  Maybe redundancy will be somehow reduced – I am not sure how they will manage it.

Or maybe I am wrong.  Perhaps in 3-5 years I will look back on this post and say:

“Well, what do I know?”




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