i’m baaaaack!!!!!

15 01 2008

Ok, so the blogspot thing didn’t have everything I was looking for.  True it has the means to generate revenue, but it was kind of cheesy.  A blue cheese kinda cheesy – looks pretty from a distance but when you get close it stinks.  Ok, that was not fair.  It just wasn’t what I was looking for.

I think ultimately I will blog through WordPress (yeah!) and one day create a site of my own with nice ads of my own choosing.  Context sensitive stuff is cool for ads, but if I say I am sick of all this crap and it picks up on the word crap…not such a good thing.

Anyways, I was thinking that I was tired of Facebook and all the, ah, crap (ironically enough), but I was on it and remembered that it is truly about the friends.  I updated my status and a little while later a friend noticed and made me laugh with his response to it – thanks Al!

I guess that makes this purist blogging – blogging for the sole purpose of doing it – no profit involved, no mixed motives.  I will be posting some pics here as well in due time – feel free to use any that strike your fancy, but please don’t take the credit for it.  Remember the toilet paper role inside the beautiful cake! 

Anyways I should go soon.  I will continue with my social commentaries and get back to bibleinsights as soon as possible.





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