17 01 2008

Well, didn’t I get a shock for Christmas!  Santa brought me a Nintendo Wii!  Beth was distributing presents and as she put the present in my lap, I thought “it’s heavy” but wondered what it could be.  When I opened it – wow-wii!!!!

Very cool.  Beth had worked the election polls in the fall and had socked away that and some other money to help out St Nick as his little helper.  We talked about how cool it would be to have one, but in no way did I think we would have one for a while.

We liked the idea that it is more physical than most games, but it is a lot of fun.  The graphics may not parallel other systems on the market today, but they are also priced ridiculously.  The interface of the wireless is also not perfect in some games (boxing for example), but remember it is just a game!  It’s also nice because it’s backwards compatible with Gamecube games which is great since we have a few of those too.

The first thing we noticed after playing bowling, tennis and boxing for several hours was the next day feeling muscles that hadn’t seen any activity in a while.

I am enjoying also being able to continue the saga of “Super Barbie” (properly known as Samus Aran) in the Metroid series playing the latest installment Corruption.  Pretty cool ideas for a scifi based game.

So, if you are in the market I highly recommend the Wii for price, activity (get your butt off the couch!) and fun. 




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