be careful who you kiss

19 01 2008

My poor wife.  Trying to be the loving husband, when I get home from work I usually give her a hug and a kiss – seems like a good thing to do.  On Thursday was I ever wrong.

I knew that something was amiss on Thursday afternoon.  Our Honda rep had come in and bought us lunch – take out that we could each order what we wanted.  I decided on a seafood pasta dish.  Even as I ordered it, I wondered if it was wise to order seafood.

That afternoon, my stomach started making those draining sounds and sensations – not quite as bad as in Dumb & Dumber, but if you’ve seen the movie you’ll get the idea.  They were mild at the time, and sometimes that will happen and not amount to much.

That night I was supposed to be attending a meeting at the church, but by 6 pm I was feeling positively lousy and the, ah – special effects – were getting stronger so I called one of the others who was going to be there and asked her to please send my regrets to everyone else.  Shortly after that my body decided to reject everything in the system – back to the Dumb & Dumber scene.  Within the hour I was also throwing up.  It became like a morbid kind of game from there on in – which end to the porcelin?  I didn’t always win. 

This is where the kiss comes in – several hours later, after having a brief nap, I stumble to the washroom (we only have 1 in our house), only to find my dearly beloved beset by my problems.  Fortunately our bodies were good enough to allow us to take turns in there.

My son was kind enough to bring me some Pepto Bismol tabs – the chewable kind – early on in this, but there was no way that I was going to bother with trying to take any only to “get rid” of it again in short order, but much later in the evening (or was it early in the morning?) I was able to drink some water and hold it in for a while, so I took a chance on some tabs – I think they helped.  The worst part was when they (my son and daughter) started singing the words from the commercial (“Naseua, heartburn, etc..”)   I told them I really wasn’t in the mood, but that didn’t keep it from playing itself over and over in my head for the next several hours…

The next day my daughter wanted to go to school – my son was complaining of a stomach ache which fortunately did not amount to anything – and since I was in slightly better shape than my wife, I took her into school.  I wanted to get some other things (apple juice, gingerale, Immodium, etc. – the usual suspects) so I stopped in at Shoppers Drug Mart on my way home.  I nearly had a crisis before going in there (the kind the Immodium should stop), but was able to carry on, shop and get home.

My illness time lasted around 12 hours – I “tossed” so hard in the night that I managed to break a blood vessel in my eye – and I spent the most part of Friday sleeping a sipping water.  I made a piece of toast that I nibbled at all day – by the time I was down to the last part, it was kinda gross from sitting out.

Today I was back to work to deliver a new vehicle to my friends – they bought a new Civic Hybrid – but my energy levels are still low.  I think my poor wife is slowly on the mend. 

The bottom line (sorry ’bout the pun) is that I don’t know if she’ll ever kiss me again after being so sick thanks to me.  So next time you kiss someone, ask what she does – “How do you feel?”





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