being true to my nature

17 03 2008

It’s Monday.  What is it about Monday that makes it so rough?  Maybe it would help to shoot some alien scum to help brighten the day.  Today, in our pursuit to beat the Monday blahs, our friends at Think Geek will help us out.  Hats off to them – they win the award of the day for coming up with some of the coolest toys.  Please be forwarned – if you do travel to their site, some of the t-shirts are a little rude. 

If you haven’t heard, they have Halo 3 Laser Pursuit Plasma Weapons!  This has to be one of the ultimate toys for gamers.  How to get away from the screen and still have all the fun of shooting people without hurting anyone!  Here are some pics – snap them up before they’re gone!!!

Buy Plasma Pistol at Think Geek!plasma-rifle.jpg




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