the fight against plagiarism

24 03 2008

The other day I wrote about not getting credit for my article about HD-DVD/Blu-Ray, and I promised that I would follow up with – and I am pleased to say that I have already heard back from one site in regards to this issue.

Since I could not directly send my comments to the site, nor post them on the site, due to permission settings, I ran a “who is” to find out who was hosting these sites.  When I found out what I wanted to know, I then contacted the hosting sites and told them my complaint:

I just wanted to register a complaint against this site. On this page – they have quoted part of my blog and linked to it, but they have given credit to someone else (Wade Mann?) – not sure how they came up with that misinformation.
I wanted to contact them directly on their site, but cannot due to the permissions set there. Could you please have them contact me? I have made it easy to quote me should they wish to – my name is right in the title of my blog.

I had originally made the mistake of sending that letter to the site that registered it, but they  just referred me to the site that was hosting it.  I give the support people at that site a lot of credit as they just gave me the information – nicely and professionally.  This morning I forwarded that same note to Host Gator.  I was very impressed at the speed at which they responded to me. 

I received a near instantaneous “please verify your email” type message and then in about an hour, I also received a note from their Network Security Adminstrator – Adam D.  Adam let me know that he would contact the site owner and give them my email address.  I hoped that I would hear from the site owner, but didn’t really hold my breath.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from him less than 10 minutes later! 

I have received your letter. I will make the change tonight to ensure you are given appropriate credit in the post (or have one of my operators simply delete the post)

Chris, thanks so much for getting back to me and acting with such integrity in addressing this.  It turns out that my blog was picked up by a contextual based program, but Chris did the totally right thing in getting back to me right away.  And due to his helpful attitude I wish him the best in the future.

So for today’s lesson, take a page from Chris who, when finding out about an issue, addressed it right away.  Thanks Chris!  And as for Adam D at Host Gator – I gave him the highest ranking possible for his help.




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