Fishing with Bob

18 06 2010

This week I am using Matthew 4:18-25 as the text for the message.  As it is Father’s Day, I like to have something more geared to the guys.  Since I am not into most sports, that leaves me with archery, running, or fishing – I went with fishing.

I decided that I would hunt the ‘net to see what fishing lessons I could find that I could then use to tie in to being the “fishers of men” that Jesus called his disciples to be.  I put my Facebook status to …is thinking about Fishing Lessons.  That’s where my friend Bob came in with these steps…

Bob’s 10 steps to fishing.

1.  Pull pin.

2.  Drop Grenade in pond or lake.

3.  Run.  Really Fast.

4.  I mean it.  Do # 3 again.  Probably faster.

5.  You should still be running.

6.  Dive for cover.

7.  Wait.

8a.  If you haven’t heard anything yet, you probably didn’t run far enough long enough and I can’t possibly help you.

8b.  If waiting enjoined the concussive force of a loud bang, and you’re checking this list without significant blurring of vision or ringing in the ears, then everything is going to be just fine.

9.  Wait a little more anyway, you never know what was in that lake that might still be in the air and on it’s way down.  (Especially if there were other people around.  Hrm . . . I probably should have added another step before about making sure you were alone . . . like first . . . oh well, too late now.  Everything may not be so fine after all though . . .)

10.  After waiting, go back and gather fish!!!  (Unless there were other people around, in which case you should probably try running again)

Gotta love that Bob!  Thanks for the “advice” my friend – and for the laugh!




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