Fishing with Bob

18 06 2010

This week I am using Matthew 4:18-25 as the text for the message.  As it is Father’s Day, I like to have something more geared to the guys.  Since I am not into most sports, that leaves me with archery, running, or fishing – I went with fishing.

I decided that I would hunt the ‘net to see what fishing lessons I could find that I could then use to tie in to being the “fishers of men” that Jesus called his disciples to be.  I put my Facebook status to …is thinking about Fishing Lessons.  That’s where my friend Bob came in with these steps…

Bob’s 10 steps to fishing.

1.  Pull pin.

2.  Drop Grenade in pond or lake.

3.  Run.  Really Fast.

4.  I mean it.  Do # 3 again.  Probably faster.

5.  You should still be running.

6.  Dive for cover.

7.  Wait.

8a.  If you haven’t heard anything yet, you probably didn’t run far enough long enough and I can’t possibly help you.

8b.  If waiting enjoined the concussive force of a loud bang, and you’re checking this list without significant blurring of vision or ringing in the ears, then everything is going to be just fine.

9.  Wait a little more anyway, you never know what was in that lake that might still be in the air and on it’s way down.  (Especially if there were other people around.  Hrm . . . I probably should have added another step before about making sure you were alone . . . like first . . . oh well, too late now.  Everything may not be so fine after all though . . .)

10.  After waiting, go back and gather fish!!!  (Unless there were other people around, in which case you should probably try running again)

Gotta love that Bob!  Thanks for the “advice” my friend – and for the laugh!


x me

6 11 2007

Well…don’t I feel like an idiot. I should know better than to try multi-tasking when on Facebook. Firstly let me apologize to everybody “I kissed”.

I hope that everyone who was wondering what was going on with that will at least see my Status or this note and realize that I wasn’t trying to be inappropriate.

I guess that’s one of my beefs with many Facebook apps. They default to wanting to apply to as many people as possible. And if you think you’ve just sent it to one person, like, say, your spouse, and don’t scroll down to see that it’s going to everyone who has that app – until it’s too late and the page refreshes wiith:

“You’ve just kissed 62 of your friends!”

My eyes went wide in horror. I was at a loss for what to do! I desperately looked for an “undo” but there wasn’t any. I then looked for “apologize” under the things to send, but that wasn’t there either. So, I decided to send another thing to try to get the message that I wasn’t trying to be, ah…forward. So I sent a Bite.

Then, after that I went to the X me site and found the History section where you could delete the actions – ONE AT A TIME!

And of course it didn’t work every time. Grrrrr.

So once again let me apologize to everyone but Beth (my wife) – I did mean to kiss you.

I hope at worst, this will give you a laugh. After all, you know me. And therefore you should know that I am prone to making really embarassing mistakes.


facebook applications

21 09 2007

Ok, to be true to what this blog was supposed to be about, I will look at something completely different than just all the political stuff that I’ve been carrying on about.

Today I want to talk about Facebook – in particular Facebook applications.  Facebook applications are fun, some are cool, but how many do you really need? At the time of writing this there were 4313 different applications available. 

It’s certainly a well done site – the whole Facebook thing. It’s a lot of fun and people can get seriously addicted to it. When my friend Claudia first brought it to my attention and I signed up, I too spent a lot of time on it – searching for old friends, adding stats and a few pics and even creating a group of my own – at present I have started 2 and am thrilled with those who have joined and shared my common interests.

But getting back to the point, how many applications do you need on your site? One thing that I like about my Profile page is the ablity to hide applications. By clicking on the arrow next to the title, I can hide applications without removing them. It clears the clutter without deleting the application.

My apologies to my friends that send all of these requests for Likeness, Movies, etc. and some of the other applications that are “see if you are like your friends!” types. I pretty much know what they’re like and vice versa. I also am not a big fan of how these applications default to sending them to your entire friends list and that to respond to them you need to install the application.

Sometimes I will install an app just to see what someone sent me and then uninstall it after. A few times of that gets to be annoying so I just stopped responding to some of them.

This is just how I feel about it – but it explains why I might not respond to some of these requests. I have tried to keep the clutter out of my profile page to have it more reflect things about me and things that are important to me. I have also only joined groups that are relevant to me as well.

Let me know what you think – what are your favourite applications? What are your least favourite? Or feel free to leave any general comment as well.