Fishing with Bob

18 06 2010

This week I am using Matthew 4:18-25 as the text for the message.  As it is Father’s Day, I like to have something more geared to the guys.  Since I am not into most sports, that leaves me with archery, running, or fishing – I went with fishing.

I decided that I would hunt the ‘net to see what fishing lessons I could find that I could then use to tie in to being the “fishers of men” that Jesus called his disciples to be.  I put my Facebook status to …is thinking about Fishing Lessons.  That’s where my friend Bob came in with these steps…

Bob’s 10 steps to fishing.

1.  Pull pin.

2.  Drop Grenade in pond or lake.

3.  Run.  Really Fast.

4.  I mean it.  Do # 3 again.  Probably faster.

5.  You should still be running.

6.  Dive for cover.

7.  Wait.

8a.  If you haven’t heard anything yet, you probably didn’t run far enough long enough and I can’t possibly help you.

8b.  If waiting enjoined the concussive force of a loud bang, and you’re checking this list without significant blurring of vision or ringing in the ears, then everything is going to be just fine.

9.  Wait a little more anyway, you never know what was in that lake that might still be in the air and on it’s way down.  (Especially if there were other people around.  Hrm . . . I probably should have added another step before about making sure you were alone . . . like first . . . oh well, too late now.  Everything may not be so fine after all though . . .)

10.  After waiting, go back and gather fish!!!  (Unless there were other people around, in which case you should probably try running again)

Gotta love that Bob!  Thanks for the “advice” my friend – and for the laugh!


credit where credit is due

20 03 2008

It’s so nice to be published elsewhere – especially when I get credit for what I’ve said.  On a semi-regular basis, I will Google something like:

carlwalters wordpress

or some comment/blog title to see if it’s showing up in the first page or two.  So imagine my surprise, then my disappointment and anger to find a site quoting me, or should I say Wade Mann (what the heck?).

This severely cheesey site – obviously designed to make money, but without much other thought, takes a quote from the beta wars, but gives the credit to someone else.  Another site also quoted that article and the wording on their site is almost word for word, other than they put “unknown” where the first site put Wade Mann.  Grrrrr….  It’s not like I haven’t made it easy to give credit where credit is due – my name is part of the site for goodness sake! 

(note:  I was going to post links to the sites, but decided not to drive any more traffic to their sites.)

I am glad that they didn’t just copy and paste my article to their own site – they had a link to my page.  And thanks for referring to it as a “great article”.  It just frosts my cookies that they couldn’t be bothered to care enough about what they were doing to make a decent site with proper quoting.

I tried to email the authors of the sites or to send a comment, but the permissions wouldn’t allow me to, so I emailed WordPress about it, but the wrong WordPress apparently.

Because the problem is not with a blog hosted here at you need to ask at
To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities.
Please review the following FAQ

Sorry Marianne.  I have to give credit to for getting back to me quickly though.  I will be emailing in regards to this as well. 

On a more positive note (and infinitely more exciting!) I have been picked up by Technorati!  Maybe that’s a mixed blessing and where these other sites have picked up my article.  I will keep you posted.

I guess my comment for today is twofold: 1 – if you’re going to have a site that generates revenue, make it look attractive and professional; 2 – if you have a quote on your site, even if a program is finding relevant information for you, make sure that you give credit to the author.